Reviews from Thumbtack:

(Some samples below)

– Paulina G. – February 5, 2017: “Great music for fun times! We contacted Xavier for my birthday pool party. The music was awesome and kept everybody dancing the whole time. Not only did he have all my favorite songs, but he added many more that matched my taste. Very happy with his service”

– MFC F. – February 4, 2017:  “Look no further. Best Dj around. Truly! Great sound quality! Amazing mixing! No doubt I would hire his services again.”

– Andy C. – February 3, 2017: “One of my favorite Dj’s in L.A. Great sound, great tunes, Xavi is really laid back and east to work with! Hire him for the sound quality and music selection and talk to him for the laughs!”

– Lydia N. – February 1, 2017: “Best DJ ever!!! We hired Xavier for our graduation party from my Masters program last August and he turned what we expected be a chill gathering into a full-on pool party!! His music selection was amazing and it all sounded as if we were at some beachside hotel party for the 4th of July! He was very friendly and easy to work with. Highly recommended!”


Reviews from our  Yelp Page

– Michael R. – 3/2/2017: “We have had the great pleasure of working with Xavier over the years for our many parties.  Xavier is the hippest, coolest DJ ever.  He really makes the party happen.  So if you need a great DJ to get and keep the energy flowing, Xavier is your man.  He has the best equipment, the best playlists and the best attitude. VERY PROFESSIONAL  Hire Xavier for whatever your needs are and you will never be disappointed.” 


– Dane L. – 2/15/2017: “Best one-stop company for getting an excellent sound system, great DJs, and unbeatable customer service for your event or house party. Have hired Xavier on several occasions for summer pool parties and have seen him at work at many events and house parties in the Los Angeles area!”


– Letty L. – 2/3/2017:  “I have been to quite a few parties where Xavier was the DJ and have always had him be the DJ at our parties.
He’s awesome. Very professional, punctual, and super friendly.  He always asks the right questions prior to the parties about what music we preferred and who would be attending, so that he can be sure to deliver the day of. He also always has just what the guests are looking for. No matter what the theme for the parties was where he DJed, he always managed to create a perfect environment and everyone dances.
I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great local DJ.”


– Dan B. – 2/2/2017: “I’ve hired Xavier to DJ many of my private events in Hollywood and he’s fantastic, an absolute pleasure to work with! He truly believes in the art of what he’s doing and the passion shows. We’ve always had quite a few friends raving about the music he spins. He never just does a pre-recorded set, but feels the energy of the crowd and adapts instantly. Looking forward to hiring him again soon!”


– Petronella E. – 2/1/2017: “Xavier is awesome! Always delivering the best sounds and experience. Also super happy and easy to work with. Great job at Eliason Merit Award 2014!”


– Dan B.  – 1/31/2017: “Amazing. Professional, fun, sounds great. Xavier helped me have the best time. I have to say 50 more words to make this a legit review. Whatever. Xavier is the s$%it.”


– Paul P.  – 1/31/2017: “DJ Xavier has done MANY of our house parties, and has never failed to deliver an amazing event for us.  Everyone has always been excited to see him at the party, because they know they’ll dance nonstop! Def hire him!”